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13 March 2014

Matches from Parc Brasserie

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I'm just now thinking over a painting trip to Paris and the south of France, and today I had lunch at Parc, a wonderful restaurant on Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square. "Parc recalls the chic brasseries of Paris" and "pays tribute to French café culture" [from their website]. I highly recommend it!

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Here's how this painting would look framed:


Sandra Busby said...

What a lovely site to have stumbled across! I love your work. beautifully rendered and just my cup of tea! :0)

Tom Fox said...

Absolutely beautiful paintings Abbey!

I've never before seen this blog, but it has blown me away! Really interesting paint handling and generally great observational skills.

As long as you don't mind I'd love to link this to your blog from my own, as it deserves more views!

All the best,


Jyoti said...

These paintings are so nice. I really appreciate your work. I can see how much of hard work has been put into these art works :)
love your work :)